The TD SYNNEX Public Sector Market Insights organization has put together the Sales Playbook Enabling Cheat Sheet (SPECS), FY24 Edition. This interactive document is designed to help vendors and channel partners with their business planning and to refine their strategic focus. SPECS provides you with actionable information to build pipeline across 29 DoD and Civilian departments and agencies. Use this guide to map your technology to real programmatic opportunities.

Within the document, you’ll find:

  • Overall agency funding, broken down into DME and O&M dollars
  • Program descriptions
  • Technology requirements
  • Relevant contractors
  • Contractor activity
  • Messaging for end-user engagement (talking points, recommended sales approaches and relevant buzzwords)

In addition, we urge you to download the Federal IT Primer (please link to page) as a companion piece to the Sales Playbook Enablement Cheat Sheet. These two assets provide the actionable intelligence you need to get you to the 1-yard line of opportunities, as well as equip you with the messaging and talk track that will make your customers more receptive to your solutions.

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