If 2020 demanded we question the way we work, 2021 will demand answers. Last year caused us to reimagine how we see ourselves, our teams and our businesses. It forced us to evaluate our priorities and perceptions. It changed what we need to know and how we need to work together. And how technology teams respond will widen the gap between the leaders and the laggards to an insurmountable divide.

The shift to remote work and digital everything in 2020 forced change at a pace we’ve never seen before. Agencies had to both abruptly shift their workforce and their product/service delivery models to accommodate health and safety measures imposed by the global pandemic. We see this evident in the challenges the C-suite is focusing on, where they’re investing, and what technology teams are now responsible for.

We looked at trends born from, or accelerated by, the global COVID-19 crisis to report on the state of technology and give leaders guidance on how to build better teams, processes, and products in the year ahead.

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