Building an Agile Government Culture

An agile government is one that adapts swiftly to change, leverages technology, and prioritizes the citizen experience. To achieve this, it is crucial for government IT organizations to adopt a DevSecOps approach. This involves automating technology infrastructures and workflows, fostering collaboration between development and operations teams, and accelerating the development-to-production life cycle.

Leveraging Enterprise Open Source Technologies

To cultivate a DevSecOps culture within your IT organization, consider the power of enterprise open source technologies. As a state or local government CIO, leverage this technology to optimize resources and create more flexible systems. Open source is vital in building a foundation for digital government which paves the way for integrating innovative technologies like the cloud and data analytics.

The Path to a Better Citizen Experience
"At the root of digital government lies the significance of technology in transforming citizen experiences," according to Frank DiMuzio, Regional Manager of Emerging Technology at Red Hat. Citizens expect a level of service that replicates the private sector. It’s up to government agencies to meet these expectations while navigating various constraints, such as regulations, security, and information confidentiality.

Download Your Roadmap to Success

Our comprehensive guide, "Making Government More Nimble: A Roadmap to Drive Innovation in the Public Sector," offers invaluable insights into implementing an agile government culture and harnessing the potential of open source technologies. 

Discover how to deliver a better citizen experience while staying ahead in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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