In 2019, more than 500 schools were hit with ransomware attacks. A school district outside of Philadelphia was one of them, falling victim to ransomware over Labor Day weekend, just after the school year started.

While there have been nearly 900 publicly disclosed cybersecurity-related incidents involving U.S. public schools since 2016, the true number is probably much higher. The FBI recently issued an alert that K-12 schools should expect a surge of cyberattacks, particularly ransomware, due to remote learning and increased reliance on technology and their “limited resources to dedicate to network defense.”

This is a job-critical webinar as the Center for Digital Education spoke with the school district officials about their experience. While the attack on the district, initially resulted in operational disruptions and some data being inaccessible, they were able to remediate the situation and return its systems to normal operations – without interrupting classes.

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