Federal contractors and subcontractors are being breached at alarming rates, resulting in the loss of sensitive data. To address this challenge, agencies like the Department of Defense are turning to new cybersecurity requirements for contractors, including the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

How can agencies continuously monitor security performance within their contractor and subcontractor ecosystem? How should they work with federal contractors to improve their security posture? Watch this webinar to learn about innovative approaches to these challenges.

Watch Stephen Boyer, co-founder and CTO of BitSight, the leading provider of cybersecurity ratings, and Don Maclean, Chief Cybersecurity Technologist from DLT, a Tech Data company, a government technology provider with a best in class portfolio of software and cloud solutions to learn what to look for when selecting the third party risk management solution to protect against the loss of sensitive data and achieve your security goals.

Please complete the form below to learn how choosing the right security rating service is an important decision that can enable your team to meet the NEW CMMC/NIST compliance requirements.

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