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DLT provides an abundance of current educational resources about each of our vendor partners and technology sectors. Discover webinars, timely whitepapers, instructional videos, e-books on hot topics in tech, case studies about our products in action, upcoming events and conferences, data sheets, and more.

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Agility is a theme at nearly every military technology conference and West 2019 in San Diego was no exception.
Added: March 20, 2019
This webinar will explore in-depth methods to secure applications, manage data, and lower agency risk while embracing a multi-cloud approach to modernization.
Added: March 12, 2019
In this recorded interview, Veritas CTO, Jonathan Alboum and DLT Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Sherry Bennett speak with Signal’s Editor-in-Chief, Bob Ackerman, about the biggest public sector data protection challenges and offer suggested solutions to how best to move forward.
Added: February 6, 2019
Federal agencies are using multiple public clouds in addition to on-premises private and non-cloud infrastructures. This mutli-cloud adoption is creating increasingly complex environments and making it difficult to manage and protect data. Without proper data management, hybrid and multi-cloud environments can quickly become just another series of expensive and risky silos. All cloud migration strategies should encompass data management best practices to maximize cloud adoption benefits while minimizing risk.
Added: January 24, 2019
As the amount of data increases each day, government agencies often have too much information to manage. From spreadsheets, relational databases, emails, images and much more, this data is filed away with the promise that it will be stored and managed in an organized, secure environment for later retrieval.  Download the free e-book Veritas 360 Data Management for Govies to learn tips and tricks on data management.
Added: July 28, 2017
Information can be your greatest ally. But unknowingly, for most organizations it has become public enemy # 1. Exponential information growth comes with a significant price tag and tremendous risk.
Added: November 24, 2015
Government agencies and private sector businesses are drowning in information. In addition to managing the growing variety, velocity, and volume of data, they must comply with records management regulations. With data requirements skyrocketing, how can organizations leverage information governance to meet this tidal wave head on while ensuring data security?
Added: November 24, 2015
Veritas™ Resiliency Platform makes it simple for organizations to innovate without compromising on critical business SLAs. Organizations can confidently adopt hybrid cloud architectures and predictably meet critical SLAs in spite of growing IT complexity. With a unified approach to IT Service Continuity, Resiliency Platform enables IT operations to deliver predictable service levels to the business while ensuring location independence, platform choice, and operational simplicity.
Added: October 5, 2015