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Case Study
Organizations around the world are adopting, building or shifting resources, applications and workloads to the cloud to take advantage of the inherent competitive, economic and agility gains that can be achieved in this environment. However many of these organizations are finding that their legacy network and security tools are not able to provide them with the scalability and insights they need, to continue tightly managing their security and compliance requirements in the cloud.
For the past two years, Sumo Logic has produced the first and only industry report that quantitatively defines the state of the Modern App Stack. Working with our customers, we continue to see rapid advances in tools and processes used by various enterprise personas to build, run and secure modern applications. This third annual report extends our analysis to DevSecOps, a new and innovative trend that is rapidly growing amongst our customers.
The following report, sponsored by Sumo Logic, is based on a global survey of 316 IT security professionals responsible for environments with significant investment in both cloud and on-prem infrastructure. The goal of this survey was to quantify current experiences with adopting traditional security methods in the cloud, with a focus on both organizations and tools.