Case Study
The articulated intent, to "lead an open and transparent process to identify and promote action by appropriate stakeholders to improve the resilience of the Internet and communications ecosystem and to encourage collaboration with the goal of dramatically reducing threats perpetrated by automated and distributed attacks (e.g., botnets)" is timely and appropriate.
Added: March 23, 2018
Case Study is the official website of the state of Texas, and is a leading resource for citizens, visitors, businesses, and government. The site is most popular for searching statewide information such as: lottery, emergency preparedness, vehicle registration and drivers license renewal, Veteran's resources, birth certificate registration, and much more. As such, the website has heavy traffic and requires around the clock availability for patrons to fulfill their civil duties or check to see if they are the next mega-million lottery winner.
Added: October 18, 2017
Case Study
When unseasonably heavy rains resulted in town-wide flooding, the Lincoln Police Department leveraged the Blackboard Connect platform to keep the community informed of both road closures and the availability of public safety resources.
Added: October 16, 2017
Case Study
Department of Defense ensures success of its first Bug Bounty Program by calling upon Akamai for site uptime and protection.
Added: October 25, 2016
Case Study
 In the case of Manatee County Government, Buzzsaw provided a central location for all building permits and / or land development applications, but also gave applicants the option to submit plans electronically – saving time and reducing paperwork.
Added: June 10, 2014
Case Study
Read this case study to understand how to plan, design, and build road and highway projects better, faster, and more affordably with Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite. You’ll read about the benefits of BIM for infrastructure and moving from 2D to 3D design projects.
Added: October 17, 2012
Case Study
Learn how Akamai helped the Air Force Improve Geographic Data Delivery by 800% while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. In this whitepaper you will learn about the challenges the Air Force faced as a decentralized organization trying to maintain it’s security needs. Akamai improved delivery time, saved on shipping and provided instant scalability to the Air Force and provided large customer success. Download this whitepaper now and see if Akamai can help you complete your mission needs.
Added: October 01, 2010