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DLT provides an abundance of current educational resources about each of our vendor partners and technology sectors. Discover webinars, timely whitepapers, instructional videos, e-books on hot topics in tech, case studies about our products in action, upcoming events and conferences, data sheets, and more.

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The Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) Defense Summit is one of the largest defense-focused events on the East Coast, bringing together more than 1,000 government and industry leaders to spark ideas, innovation and solutions to technological challenges. Presentations, demonstrations and collaborative discussions include the full spectrum of defense technologies, with a focus on the areas of C5ISR, information warfare and cyber security.
Added: January 15, 2020
Data Sheet
Automating system security requirements can be difficult and time-consuming. Save time and improve security with a subscription to automation content from Lockdown Enterprise.
Added: January 14, 2020
Data Sheet
Cyber attacks are increasing, and even one misconfigured system could become the source of a catastrophic breach. Security baselines such as STIG and CIS can prevent these attacks, but adopting these baselines is no trivial task.
Added: January 14, 2020
In the government, today’s rapid growth of technology is closely followed by the booming threat of cybercrime, driving demand for more cybersecurity professionals. Without multi-disciplined cybersecurity personnel, defending technology assets isn’t just difficult––it may be impossible.
Added: October 15, 2019
Through the duration of this webinar, we examine how enterprise low code and case management can be applicable to some of the challenges we see in our state and local governments. We will explore use case stories and see for ourselves why Appian remins a trusted name and resource in the Public Sector. 
Added: April 12, 2019
Whether agencies realize it or not, every agency is a digital business. The IT landscape has been in transition from traditional silo’d IT departments to a more DevOps oriented approach where communication and consolidation are key. Agencies and Companies are being asked to deliver business critical applications more rapidly and cost effectively. In turn, this is forcing infrastructure and application teams to communicate and work together. Watch Part 1 of 4 on-demand now!
Added: October 4, 2017
Download this on-demand webinar to learn how implementing Red Hat's Infrastructure as a Service, CloudForms, helps your organization support the 3 C's of DevOps by: gaining more control, reducing costs, providing technology choices.
Added: July 11, 2016