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DLT provides an abundance of current educational resources about each of our vendor partners and technology sectors. Discover webinars, timely whitepapers, instructional videos, e-books on hot topics in tech, case studies about our products in action, upcoming events and conferences, data sheets, and more.

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Data Sheet
DataWalk is a commercial-grade Big Data software platform for connecting numerous large data sets, into a single repository for fast visual analysis.
Added: December 21, 2018
Government agencies must be able to connect, collect, and curate data from a broad spectrum of connected yet disparate data sources – sensors, machines, geo-location devices, social feeds, server logs, and more.
Added: July 18, 2018
Public sector organizations face complex challenges managing their data. Technology is constantly moving forward, and with this forward motion come new data sources (the Internet of Things and sensor-enabled equipment, social network feeds, data warehouses, software-as-a-service, etc.) and data types (structured and unstructured, raw and processed).
Added: July 18, 2018
Recently launched, the DLT AnalyticsStack is a public sector focused Big Data, Analytics and Data Science 'solution stack' providing agencies with a scalable reference framework that addresses rapidly evolving big data requirements and use cases. Rather than just piecemealing products, the stack’s 'building-block' approach helps agencies quickly architect, procure and deploy enterprise analytics capabilities ranging from big data infrastructure to advanced analytics and data science capabilities. The DLT AnalyticsStack leverages the solution-oriented, ecosystem integration of the stack vendors to help agencies quickly realize the benefits of advanced analytics capabilities.
Added: September 5, 2017
Data insight is increasingly key to helping government continually make more informed decisions,improve agency efficiency and accountability while developing critical mission capabilities and citizen services. This webinar walks you through examples of data integration, governance and business analytics. Together DLT, Informatica and Tableau show you how to leverage a variety of data types to help you achieve your agency mission objectives.  
Added: July 24, 2017