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​No matter the reason behind an insider attack, the cost to the business can be very high. In addition to the time and money required to restore security to systems and notify victims, the total cost involves things like the loss of confidential information, the consequences of failing to satisfy compliance regulations such as GDPR, harm to the organization's reputation that can result in lost customers, and disruption of critical systems such as Active Directory.
Added: September 18, 2019
Data Sheet
Data is at the heart of everything we do. Every malicious threat aims to exploit this data and regulations govern how this data should be stored, managed and protected. Dealing with these challenges is incredibly difficult to do in an increasingly fragmented, siloed and highly complex IT environment. Starting over is a non-option. So, so how do you get it done?
Added: August 7, 2019
This webinar will explore in-depth methods to secure applications, manage data, and lower agency risk while embracing a multi-cloud approach to modernization.
Added: March 12, 2019
The right tools and strategies can streamline database management and facilitate new technology adoption.
Added: February 2, 2018