The Automated Enterprise

Automation, more specifically IT Automation. What is it, who's using it, why is it important?

Lets start with what it is. . . IT Automation is the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes, also known as a playbook, with the intention of replacing or reducing the amount of human interaction required with IT systems.

But wait. . . Doesn't that mean they're coming for our jobs?!?! No, but it does mean that instead of running around your environment putting out fires, you can spend more time focusing on big picture items and other processes.

Automation: DevOps without Leaving Legacy Behind

2016 is/was the year Gartner predicted that DevOps would go mainstream. But a big challenge for government IT operations is how teams can modernize software development while still operating their traditional apps and infrastructure. After all, according to federal CIO Tony Scott, the U.S. government spends 76% of its $88 billion IT budget on operating and maintaining legacy technologies – that’s three times what is spent on modern systems.

Ending the Drudgery and Making Deploying Software Fun Again

It doesn't matter if your agency or department has one server or thousands. Deploying, configuring, and updating systems and applications can be drudgery.

No more. Through DLT’s new partnership with Ansible, Inc., the leading provider of simple, agentless orchestration and configuration management tools to IT and DevOps organizations, developers and system admins will find it easier than ever, and even fun, to deploy software.