Ending the Drudgery and Making Deploying Software Fun Again

It doesn't matter if your agency or department has one server or thousands. Deploying, configuring, and updating systems and applications can be drudgery.

No more. Through DLT’s new partnership with Ansible, Inc., the leading provider of simple, agentless orchestration and configuration management tools to IT and DevOps organizations, developers and system admins will find it easier than ever, and even fun, to deploy software.

Now available on DLT’s GSA IT Schedule 70, Ansible will also make use of DLT’s portfolio of Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts to ease the procurement process.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is a powerful automation platform that makes applications and entire systems simple to deploy. No custom scripting or custom code. No agents. All using an automation language that's easy for anyone to understand and learn.  Just get in, get it done, and make some time for other strategic projects.

Ansible has been adopted at organizations such as NASA, Splunk, Samsung, GoPro, Rackspace, Atlassian, Verizon, and many others because it is easy to install and use, yet powerful enough to manage large, complex infrastructures.

Why It’s a Great Fit for Government

With DLT’s current mix of complementary technologies, including Red Hat and Amazon Web Services, DLT is the perfect partner to help Ansible deliver seamlessly to government customers.

The Ansible open source project is already in widespread use across US Federal and local government institutions,” said Saïd Ziouani, CEO of Ansible. “Now, in partnership with DLT Solutions, we are excited to bring Ansible Tower and Ansible services to government customers in the same way that we are serving Fortune 500 customers today.

Ansible’s simplicity, its agentless and secure design and its powerful orchestration features make it the perfect fit for government customers who need to automate server or cloud configurations and application deployments. Ansible Tower extends the power of Ansible by providing control (centralized job runs through an automation dashboard), security (role-based access control and audit trails) and delegation (push-button job execution, portal mode and REST API for integration).

Public sector IT organizations realize that in order to fully realize the benefits of a public or private cloud platform IT automation is critical,” said David Blankenhorn, vice president of engineering and chief cloud technologist at DLT Solutions. “Ansible provides our public sector customers with powerful tools that greatly simplify the automation of applications, systems, and both on-premise and cloud resources. We look forward to working with an innovative leader such as Ansible to continue helping our government customers streamline their workflows.”

Learn More

Learn more at https://www.dlt.com/brands/ansible or contact our Enterprise Platforms team at 877-742-8358 or email us at enterprise-platforms@www.dlt.com.