Leverage DLT's Growing Portfolio During State Fiscal Year-End

Many states' fiscal years are quickly coming to an end, and at DLT we’re committed to making the job of the procurement officer as easy as possible as they scramble to make smart and responsible purchasing decisions with remaining taxpayer dollars. Part of this process is raising awareness of what’s new in our extensive portfolio of IT solutions including big data and analysis, cloud, cybersecurity, application lifecycle, digital design, IT consolidation and management, and more.

It has been a busy year in terms of new partnerships with a plethora of industry leading and emerging technology companies whose products and services can be easily procured on our broad portfolio of government contracts.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new in the DLT partner products and contracts portfolio:

New Cyber Partners Help Agencies Keep Pace with Emerging Threats in Complex IT Environments

Modernizing public sector IT while solving cyber challenges has long been a core focus at DLT. As such, our extensive range of government cybersecurity solutions expanded significantly this year to include groundbreaking, yet proven, products that help agencies defend against threats to their increasingly complex technology infrastructure – on-premise and in the cloud.

For example, NUIX has developed an intuitive platform that leverages endpoint analytics to reduce the time it takes to detect impending or ongoing attacks. The platform accelerates recovery time; easily adapts to changing environments, regulations and attack vectors; and stops incidents in their tracks.

We also partnered with LogRhythm, a leader in security intelligence and next-gen SIEM hardware and software. Of note, LogRhythm’s Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) solution enables agencies and personnel to detect and respond to advanced cyber-threats and neutralize malicious activity and/or actors.

As the volume of data and systems that need protection increases (on-premise and in the cloud), DLT partner, TripWire, provides foundational controls that integrate and automate security, compliance, and IT operations.

We also recently joined forces with NETSCOUT, who delivers full network packet visibility, packet brokers, and true system-level visibility into all cloud, on-premise, and hybrid applications, infrastructure, and interdependencies down to the subsystems and services that run on them.

Finally, welcome to Polyverse. Polyverse’s ground-breaking Moving Target Defense technology is the only solution proven by the DoD to stop 100% of the most dangerous zero-attacks.

New Cloud Partner Moves Agencies Beyond Shared Infrastructure for Greater Security, Autonomy, and Performance

When migrating to the cloud, most government agencies find that commercial cloud services can’t adequately meet their unique requirements to secure data, satisfy compliance mandates, and manage risk. To this end, DLT has partnered with ORock to deliver more specialized cloud and IaaS solutions to meet mission-critical security requirements.

Unlike standard commercial offerings that rely upon shared public infrastructure, the ORock architecture leverages a private, carrier-grade fiber optic network and SOC-II Type-2 data centers with no upstream CSP for the highest levels of data security, autonomy, and performance. And ORock cloud solutions feature a “pure-play” Red Hat open source environment to maximize interoperability, modularity, and security.

Our Latest Application Lifecycle Partnerships Fuel Government Digital Transformation

As more agencies move to containers to run their applications and support digital transformation initiatives, yet security concerns around containerized workloads persist. To address this concern, DLT’s new partner, Sysdig, has developed the only cloud-native intelligence platform that is designed to secure, monitor, and troubleshoot containers across the entire software lifecycle giving agencies a view of and into their Docker containers. Sysdig helps agencies achieve more reliable, more secure applications and radically reduces incident response times.

Other additions to our application lifecycle portfolio are Sumologic, who provides a cloud-native, machine data analytics service for cloud log management and time series metrics, and Appian, whose low-code application development platform lets agencies build and deploy apps faster than ever.

New Business Applications Offering Aligns IT Staff Learning to What Matters

Also new to DLT, Pluralsight helps public sector IT teams keep up with the pace of technology change with an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses in cloud, mobile, security, and data; simplifies the process of identifying knowledge gaps; and delivers the flexibility to create custom learning plans that align to any need.

Simplifying Data Analysis with R

Joining our big data and analytics stable is RStudio. As more organizations turn to the R Project for Statistical Computing, RStudio develops open source and enterprise-ready professional software for the R statistical computing environment. These products simplify data analysis with R and provide powerful tools for publishing and sharing

What Else for Fiscal Year-End?

Because time is tight during state fiscal year end, whatever your solution needs, we’re committed to providing rapid quote turnaround, expedited invoicing, extended service hours, and exclusive partner contracts so you can have a successful end to your fiscal year.

To learn more about any of these solutions or request a quote ahead of year-end, visit our resources page.