Technically News: Small Bites for Cloud, Nation State Attacks, IBM as Cloud Broker and Oracle’s Next Move(s)

Why Small Bites Make Sense for Cloud

Karen Petraska, service executive for computing services at NASA, spoke at last week’s AWS Public Sector Summit about taking small bites before fully committing to the cloud. Trial contracts, for one, are an easy way to slowly introduce the cloud into your environment while still leaving room to expand and adjust accordingly. Petraska also discussed NASA’s use of “non-specific ordering,” which allows NASA employees to use a refillable card when buying cloud services. This offering bills users every 30 days based on consumption and sends them an itemized bill so that they can see exactly what they are paying for. For more information, read the full article on

Foreign Government Hackers are the Gravest and Most Common Threat, Agencies Say

A recent assessment by the Government Accountability Office reports that all 18 federal agencies that operate high-impact systems vital to society cited nation-state attacks, malicious attacks stemming from foreign governments, as the most serious threats to their systems. Specifically, the malicious phishing emails that come from the nation states are the most dangerous because they are geared towards specific employees and are typically hard to identify. Throughout the government, there were 500 incidents in fiscal 2014 that included malicious malware being sent to agencies. Read more on NextGov.

Inside IBM's Plan to Become a Cloud Broker and even Resell AWS, Microsoft Azure

IBM is moving from being a systems integrator to more of a services integrator – meaning it plans to support cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with its own IT as a Service offering, CloudMatrix. This strategic move is critical for IBM as their services unit has been slow to grow. CloudMatrix will reinvigorate the services aspect of IBM, with a subscription based model that prices based on the number of virtual machines used. Learn more about CloudMatrix and IBM as a cloud broker on ZDNet.

Larry Ellison: Oracle Has 2 Focus Points for Fiscal Year Ahead

Oracle will have two main points of focus for fiscal year 2017 – to grow Oracle’s cloud software and platform business, and become a bigger player in cloud infrastructure. Oracle’s PaaS and SaaS software have seen large growth already, with a 66 percent increase from last year, and a 68 percent increase in constant currency. Oracle’s IaaS software has been slower to grow, however there is a large demand for IaaS from SaaS customers, so that plus Oracle’s new cloud services from its second generation data centers will help the IaaS business grow. Forbes has the full story.