4 Technology Stories You May Have Missed Last Week

Posing as Ransomware, Windows Malware Just Deletes Victims’ Files

Ranscam, a new ransom malware which threatens the deletion of files unless a Bitcoin payment is made, has surfaced on a small batch of computers, says Cisco Talos. Cisco Talos discovered the malware on a few of their customers’ computers and reported that every message was exactly the same, down to the “unique” bitcoin payment address. Once a payment has been made, another message pops up, stating that the payment cannot be verified and that one hostage file has been deleted as a result. The end goal of Ranscam is to make money, with no intention of handing back the hostage files once paid. Luckily, it seems that the scam isn’t fooling many people. The malware was issued on July 6th, 2016, yet their Bitcoin wallet has not received a new transaction since June. For more on the story, head over to Ars Technica.

How 'Human-Aware' AI Could Save Us from the Robopocalypse

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is feared as the gateway to creating a robot filled world, however many scientists believe that by combining AI with human intelligence, robots will no longer be a threat. Human intelligence, coupled by artificial intelligence, can create robots who are able to have compassion and understand non-verbal social interactions, while also being unbiased and superbly analytical. Read more on CIO.

Why Data Scientists Won't Be Going Extinct Anytime Soon

As querying data gets easier, the role of the data scientist will evolve. Data scientists will no longer be needed to sort through data and pull numbers, however they are still an integral part of the team and can add value through understanding and analyzing product launches, using data to make strategic business decisions, defining metrics and business goals, etc. Data mining may be more automated now, however strategic decision-making will always need brains behind it. Find the full article on Forbes.

PokémonGov: What Government Agencies Are Saying About Pokémon Go

It’s hard to summarize last week’s news without mentioning Pokémon Go. The frenzy has taken over parks and landmarks, including our own National Mall and various government buildings. Police departments have warned Pokémon Go users to watch out when playing outside, and to not trespass on private property, however others are just glad to see that the game is getting people outside and moving! See NextGov’s Storify for the top Pokémon Go tweets.