Reality Capture – Turn Ordinary Images into 3D Models

Reality capture technology as a means of capturing existing as-built conditions has been around for some time. Terrestrial laser scanning or LiDAR is just one example of reality capture (or recap) at work. But recap hasn’t always been easy. Scanning techniques are often expensive and the task of incorporating and manipulating large data sets (point clouds) during the design process is tricky.

Today, recap has changed. The use of drones, IoT, and even apps that can render a 3D model are driving rapid convergence between reality and the digital design world.

The video below from IMAGINiT Technologies explains:

• How recap technology can benefit a number of users including civil engineers, building designers, facilities managers, manufacturing organizations, and more

• What factors to consider when choosing recap technology

• Why one size doesn’t fit all

• Potential use cases

Learn more about how Autodesk solutions for reality capture.

Featured image courtesy of Autodesk and Anchorage Municipal Power and Light.