Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report: Turning Thought to Action

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission recently released a groundbreaking report detailing 75 recommendations for improving the cybersecurity of the nation, including both the private and public sectors. The Commission, bipartisan in both name and spirit, conducted over 300 meetings with industry, academia, U.S. government, think tanks and foreign governments. I had the privilege of participating in this effort. The result is a comprehensive report that urges immediate and concrete action on its recommendations, organized into six pillars”:

Combating Cyber Threats Through Transformation: A Conversation with State CIOs and CISOs

Although state and local technology leaders are increasingly prioritizing cybersecurity in their operations, government has a long way to go in securing critical information and systems from cyberattacks.

In light of this struggle, Route Fifty, in partnership with CrowdStrike, recently hosted a webcast that showcases the work of state and local governments who have undergone a transformation in cybersecurity protocols – and the challenges they continue to face.

How Can You Protect the Mid-Terms and Secure Election Networks in Minutes?

With the mid-term elections looming, protecting the integrity of our most basic democratic right has become a matter of critical importance.  According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending civil liberties in a digital world, election security remains just as vulnerable as in 2016 and encourages Secretaries of State to be pressed to do their job and increase security before voters cast their ballo

As Government Cloud Adoption Reaches Inflection Point, Cyber Teams Must Prepare

Cloud adoption among government agencies is reaching an inflection point. Driven by the cloud’s cost-efficiencies and ability to offer an improved citizen experience, faster delivery of mission capabilities, agile development, and scale applications up and down, much of the initial reticence about cloud models is dissipating.

No More F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about Cyber Threats

I’m fed up. Better yet, I’m “F.U.D.-ed” up.  In every cybersecurity conference, in every threat report, in every blog and every bit of cybersecurity marketing literature I see one tiresome theme:  “The bad guys are after us!  It’s getting worse every day!  How will we fix it?  Can we fix it?  There’s no magic bullet! The cyber sky is falling, run for your cyber life!”  In other words, an unrelenting stream of– Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.