The Need for Advanced Threat Hunting

The 2017 DefCon conference featured former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, who spoke about artificial intelligence, computers, and of course, chess.  After losing a match to a purpose-built computer in 1997, Kasparov realized that the machine, although it had beaten him, was not truly intelligent:  it had simply out-calculated him, by examining over 200 million chess positions per second.  Kasparov soon devised “advanced chess”, in which a strong human player teams up with a computer.   Advanced chess combines the best human qualities of imagination, judgment,

[Report] The New Cyber Threat Landscape: Tactics are Getting Simpler, Outcomes are Becoming Unprecedented

It will come as no surprise to anyone that 2016 saw an alarming increase in targeted attacks aimed at politically motivated sabotage and subversion. This new level of ambition by cyber criminals is corroborated by the annual Internet Security Threat Report from DLT partner, Symantec. The perceived success of several campaigns – particularly the U.S.

6 Practical Tips for Protecting your Agency Against 2017’s Top Threats

Data breach statistics are staggering. Through the end of March 2017, there have already been over 300 major breaches and over nine million records stolen. It’s a challenging problem and one that doesn’t come with a lot of solutions. Part of the problem is understanding what the patterns are. Today’s attacks have several stages from initial reconnaissance to object completion, as depicted in the Cyber Kill Chain which describes the phases of a targeted attack.

The Nine Cyber Exploits eBook

In an April 24, 2012 report, Threats Impacting the Nation, the GAO classified cyber attacks into nine unique threats and provided a definition for each of them. We created the following eBook based on the GAO’s list. Please share them with coworkers and colleagues, and help us educate users about cybersecurity.