[eBook] How to Tame the Explosion of Data in Your Enterprise

Agencies are dealing with an exponential growth of data. But size isn’t the only problem. It’s where that data lives and how it travels between the private clouds, public clouds, and back to on-premises.

How do you protect, secure, and backup that data? How can your agency protect the right data and invest only in what is important to the mission, without creating a new set of data silos, incurring hidden storage costs, stalling developers, and introducing greater compliance risk?

Protect Sensitive CAD Data: 5 Steps to Reducing Data Leakage Risks

CAD files are highly valued and frequently shared and exchanged. But CAD files often contain confidential information and IP which can have legal data protection obligations. To protect these files collaborators may use email encryption programs, network file share access control, secure file transfer protocol, mobile device management, enterprise and cloud-based content management, and so on.

Storing Big Data: New Technology Helps Organize and Protect Agencies’ Electronic Information

New standards and technologies in the Information Age have given architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms both new benefits and challenges. For instance, when the General Services Administration mandated that all government projects must be designed electronically using building information modeling (BIM), the industry began experiencing a number of benefits in building quality. However, the same standard means that significantly higher volumes of electronic data is now created and must be managed.