4 Ways to Effectively Archive Your Agency's Construction Projects

You’ve worked hard. The project is done and construction is complete. So, what happens to the project data? The drawings, the specifications, the OEM manuals, and all other associated data have to go somewhere.

They can’t just be deleted; plus, space and data storage are always at a premium. So, the trick here is to archive effectively. Make sure that the data is stored securely, using optimum space to ensure economic usage. More importantly, make sure the data is stored in a format that can be retrieved whenever necessary, at any time.

Storing Big Data: New Technology Helps Organize and Protect Agencies’ Electronic Information

New standards and technologies in the Information Age have given architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms both new benefits and challenges. For instance, when the General Services Administration mandated that all government projects must be designed electronically using building information modeling (BIM), the industry began experiencing a number of benefits in building quality. However, the same standard means that significantly higher volumes of electronic data is now created and must be managed.