Electronically Stored Information and the Government Sector

Government agencies at all levels are finding that managing electronically stored information (ESI) is a challenge. Volumes of electronic data are growing, while agency budgets are shrinking or remaining level. Consider the following:

  • recent survey of federal agency managers by Booz Allen Hamilton and the Government Business Council found that only about one third (37%) believe their agencies are taking the right steps to improve agency operations through big data.
  • The National Association of State Chief Information Officers has recommended that members develop enterprise architecture and data governance policies to maximize the potential of big data.

Solutions like Rand Secure Archive can solve data storage challenges for government agencies in a cost effective way. Single-instance storage (SIS) technology eliminates file duplication, so storage resources are used as efficiently as possible. One advantage of Rand Secure Archive’s hosted solution is the flat fee per gigabyte of data stored. That turns IT costs related to storage, infrastructure, connectivity, and backup into a projectable, linear cost model. Rand Secure Archive also offers an on-premises solution, so organizations have the maximum flexibility when it comes to data management.

By Chris Grossman, Rand Secure Archive

About the Author

As a Senior Vice President, Chris Grossman manages the Enterprise Applications division of Rand Worldwide, including the Rand Secure Archive division. Contact Chris at cgrossman@rand.com or visit www.randsa.com.