Defense Health Agency’s Recent Advancements Toward a More Interoperable Future

Modernizing the defense healthcare system has never been more front and center for Defense Health Agency (DHA), the Department of Defense's (DOD) primary arm that manages all things healthcare for military service members and their beneficiaries. With acts of war and terrorism arising from overseas and the possibility of having our troops involved in future conflicts, patient healthcare and service preparedness are top priorities for the agency. So, the DHA is looking to work across federal agencies and industry to strengthen its healthcare systems.

Data Innovations in Healthcare: Sometimes Two Steps Forward Requires One Step Back

Technological innovations in the storage and computing capacity in the world of data has moved exponentially – especially in the healthcare space.  One of the most dramatic use cases is in the field of genomics.  As Andrea Norris, the CIO for NIH mentioned at a public sector Healthcare Summit on IT Modernization last week, technology has greatly increased the speed and lowered the costs associated with gene sequencing.  Originally, when the human genome project completed the task, it took around 13 years with funding around 2.1 billion dollars (the project was from 1990–2003)

Bringing Big Data to the Fight Against Government Benefits Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

The U.S. Government spends trillions of dollars on benefits programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid each year. Unfortunately, billions of those dollars are improperly paid, reducing the benefits to those who most rely upon them. In 2016, the White House estimated these losses at $144B.

Improper payments, fraud, and abuse takes many forms, consider some of these examples of Medicaid fraud and abuse:

Layered Security Strategies for the Health Sector: An ICIT Briefing

Our very own Chief Cybersecurity Technologist and Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) fellow, Don Maclean, recently joined fellow fellows Robert Lord (Protenus), John Menkahart (Securonix), Dr. Ron Ross (NIST) and ICIT co-founder and senior fellow, Parham Eftekhari on Capitol Hill to discuss the risks and threats associated with cyber attacks on healthcare facilities.

Technically News - 11/25

This week in Technically News: AWS WorkSpaces May Spark Federal Demand for Desktop-as-a-Service; Agency CIOs Thinking Smarter as IT Spending Declines; Congress Embarks on Government IT Reform; How Federal Cybersecurity Measures Can Apply to Healthcare; DLT Builds Navy New Portal to Manage Oracle Tools.