Improving Public Funds Use through BIM Accuracy: Altering the Role of the BIM Manager

By Beau Turner, Director Business Development, Building Solutions Group, Avatech Solutions Originially published in [acronym] magazine, Issue 10 The severity of the current economic downturn has seen the public sector striving to increase the value of its services. While private construction projects languish due to the credit crunch, new government building projects are emerging to create jobs and keep the economy moving. In the midst of this opportunity, government decision makers are under even more pressure than usual to ensure optimal use of tax dollars.

Getting to Green: Sustainable Building Design and BIM

Building information Modeling (BIM) adoption plays a significant part in supporting the creation and maintenance of green buildings. [acronym] shows how three examples highlight where BIM can help you design greener buildings today. For several reasons, not the least of which is global climate change, sustainable building has become a practice of critical interest. ‘Sustainable’ buildings minimize the use of resources such as energy, water, materials and land through optimal design. Green buildings are designed and operated to create healthier and more productive work and living environments through natural light and improved air quality. Sustainable buildings can also reduce long-term operations and maintenance expenses.