Podcast: How to Grow Your Government Business with Distribution Partners

Bringing government-ready solutions that solve the unique needs of the government in addition to having superior public sector expertise is our bread and butter. But DLT is also a powerhouse government distributor and a vital part of the government marketing ecosystem.

But what does that mean for OEMs and IT companies seeking to break into or grow their public sector market footprint?

DLT Success Story: Marketing Differentiates VAR and Manufacturing Partners

When Christine Schaefer joined value-added reseller DLT Solutions nine years ago, the firm did not have a strong reputation for proactive sales and marketing in the channel. Today, DLT is recognized as one of the Top 100 Government Contractors, and has its pick from a crowd of 300 technology providers who pursue it annually. At a time when government spending grew at three to five percent annually, DLT grew from $504 million in 2008 to nearly $800 million in 2010. What enabled the organization to transform itself from just another fulfillment reseller to a top government value-added reseller for many of the leading technology brands?

Another Barrier to Entry – Government Marketing

I was talking to a regional marketing manager a few months ago who asked my advice about a marketing initiative her company was about to pursue.  Basically, she was told by the Marketing VP at HQ to execute a “one-off” program to generate 1,000 public sector leads for a new case management and collaboration product they had which was showing early success in the commercial SMB market.  The VP calculated that with 1,000 leads, they could generate enough qualified prospects, quotes, and wins to grow revenue for the next quarter.