How the Customer Experience Executive Order Will Transform the U.S. Government

Customer experience is now an executive order in the United States! With this monumental news, Lee Becker dives deeper into what this means for federal employees and their customers.

This was a momentous and inspiring week for all U.S. citizens and residents, as President Joe Biden signed an executive order on December 13, 2021, that mandates a focus on customer experience.

DLT Thought Light Interview – Lora L. Allen, Principal CX Advisor, Public Sector, Medallia

DLT’s Chief Data Scientist, Sherry Bennett, recently sat down recently with Lora L. Allen, Medallia’s Public Sector Principal CX Advisor and discussed her service in the public sector, Lora’s role at Medallia helping educate and advise government agencies that are tackling CX challenges, and more.

Q: Prior to joining Medallia, you spent your entire career in public service, can you kindly tell me how your service has shaped and informed your current focus on customer experience?