Artificial Inundation: AI Is the Future and We’re Living in It

We’re still in the first quarter of the fiscal year and headed toward the holiday season. Historically, that predicates a slower pace across the federal sector, but not this year. This year, artificial intelligence (AI) is having a moment, and nearly everyone across the public sector, including the White House and The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has something to say about it.

Technically News - 5/23

This week in Technically News: Oracle Managed Cloud Services Earns Elite Status for Federal Deployments; Federal IT Managers More Optimistic About Security Than Implementers; Feds Could Save $20 Billion with Better IT Infrastructure Initiatives, Study Finds; Shifting Mindsets in the Physical World.

Technically Speaking - 3/14

This week in Technically News: Cybersecurity: Sharing Information Between Public, Private Sector Key to Battling Threats; What 24's Jack Bauer Can Teach Federal Agencies; Navy, Marines Corps Transferring Data to Commercial Cloud; Former CIA Director Explains Cybersecurity Threats Facing the US

Technically News - 1/13

This week in Technically News: Bureaucracy and Modern Technology: Can the Government Deliver on Big Projects?; Roundup of Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Predictions for 2014; Google Platforms Will Invade the Enterprise This Year; “VA Open Data” Launched; Federal Government on Digital Data Diet.

Technically News - 7/22

This week in Technically News: Cloud Solutions Grab Big Slice of Government IT Budgets; Despite Sequestration, Cybersecurity Funding Growing; IRS Needs Better Data Center Consolidation Plan; Does Your Cybersecurity Strategy Include Shadow IT?; NASA Laser Comm Will Rocket Data To and From Space

Technically News - 4/22

In this week's Technically News: Students Face Cyber War Game with NSA Hackers; Red Hat’s “PaaS Queen” on OpenStack; 6 Steps to Secure Systems for Sequester; SolarWinds’ Firewall Security Manager Reviewed; DLT Solutions Finds Promise in State & Local Work.

Technically News - 4/1

In this week's Technically News: Veterans Affairs Tables BYOD Plans; U.S. CIO Wants IT-as-a-Service; How to Succeed Under LPTA; Congress Wants to Ban Government IT Purchases from China; The Seven Responsibilities of Agency CISOs. And in DLT Monthly News Roundup: DLT Increases Revenue by 16% in 2012; DLT Solutions Wins Air Force Contract Worth up to $23.2M.