Rise of the Machines – on Both Sides of the Cybersecurity War

The theme of the recent ICIT Forum was “Rise of the Machines”, a call to recognize the vulnerability of an infrastructure increasingly under control of computers.  The steady increase in connected systems mandates a broad range of strategies – managing supply-chain risk, analysis of huge amounts of data through machine learning, dealing with the insider-threat problem, sealing up holes in applications.  I had the privilege of discussing threat intelligence sharing on a panel with Todd Helfrich of Anomali, John Kupcinsky of KPMG, and Ana Besk

Managing Today’s Virtualization Challenges by Looking at the Past and Predicting the Future

Can you afford for your team to lose eight hours a day? According to the 2016 State of Data Center Architecture and Monitoring and Management report by ActualTech Media in partnership with my company, SolarWinds, that’s precisely what is happening to today’s IT administrators when they try to identify the root cause of a virtualization performance problem. And that doesn’t even take into account the time required to remediate it.