Building Lifecycle Trends Workshop - Coming to A City Near You

Buildings today have a lot of data associated with them—from Google earth images to floorplans, photos and automated building systems. The question becomes: How do you apply all this information throughout the building lifecycle to reduce costs and redundancy in the design, build and manage process?

That's the focus of a series of upcoming workshops hosted by IMAGINiT Technologies, DLT Solutions, and Archibus coming to a city near you during the month of March.

Each workshop will explore the data in a project from beginning to end, including:

Project requests and proposals
Capturing existing conditions
Analyzing and editing
Validating final conditions
Facilities management

The events will also discuss the various systems and tools that help contractors and building owners create a more complete model that will grow (or contract) with a building as it moves through its life. These complimentary events are also a great opportunity for an open exchange with others in your field.

Cities included in the tour include:

  • Toronto, ON – March 13
  • Dallas, TX - March 18
  • Seattle, WA – March 18
  • Baltimore, MD – March 24
  • New York, NY – March 25
  • Boston, MA – March 26

Learn more and register for free here.

Featured image courtesy of Elliott Brown via Flickr.