Digital Design November 17, 2020
The benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) are undeniable. IoT-enabled technologies collect data that impacts cost, productivity, compliance, and security. However, that data is only as good as the analyses derived from it, especially when it’s connected to how workplaces are populated, and space is managed today and in the future.
Digital Design October 8, 2020
Managing real estate for a single workplace is, in certain ways, simple. There is a single set of data for land, buildings, and leases. For companies with multiple properties or a global presence, the task becomes daunting. A centralized data repository is the key to maintaining accurate and easily accessible information to manage real estate portfolios. But not all data systems are alike. Real estate planners and facility managers should consider several items when choosing a real estate portfolio management system:
Digital Design September 9, 2020
Let’s face it: the days of open offices are over. The pandemic likely drove the final nail in the coffin of a design fad that was all the rage but fails to meet the safety and productivity needs of today’s workplaces. That’s no easy task in the face of a pandemic that shut the economy down for months and continues to wreak havoc. But employers are reopening workplace doors and welcoming employees back—and Archibus is ready to help with safe back-to-work transitions.
Digital Design, IT Infrastructure August 20, 2020
The more things change, the more they stay the same— especially when it comes to budgets and requirements. How does one keep up with it all? It is crucial to track, manage, and analyze property and infrastructure information to maintain or reduce operational costs. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your IWMS and keep up with all the changes thrown your way. 1. Collect as much (accurate) data as possible