Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Federal Government, State & Local Government, Technology, Tips and How-Tos December 7, 2022
TD Synnex Public Sector’s Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, Don Maclean sat down with Mark Guntrip, Senior Director of Security Strategy at Menlo Security, to discuss one of the latest emergent security threats.
Cybersecurity June 16, 2021
Zero Trust may seem like a daunting security architecture to implement. But Zero Trust is more a change of mindset towards cybersecurity than it is new tools and solutions. Zero Trust is a concept that can help you simplify and strengthen your defenses by adopting “never trust/always verify” principles. The truth is you probably already have many of the tools you need to get started. In addition to using existing security solutions, new tools and technologies can be added incrementally.
Cybersecurity May 24, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a rapid, widespread shift to remote work, necessitating a new approach to security. Many public sector agencies are responding by adopting a Zero Trust model. What is Zero Trust? Why is it important? What’s required to implement it? Let’s explore. What Is Zero Trust?
Cybersecurity May 14, 2021
The United States’ pipeline infrastructure, which carries oil, natural gas, and other commodities, is made up of nearly 3 million miles of pipelines. This vital enabler of domestic economic and national security is under constant threat of cyber attack due to its increasing reliance on automation through information technology.