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There is a dramatic shift underway in the federal technology landscape on a scale rarely seen more than once every decade or so. Computing environments are evolving from traditional on-premises-only to a hybrid strategy that migrates some infrastructure to the cloud, while keeping some critical systems onsite. According to SolarWinds’ IT Trends Report 2016: The Hybrid IT Evolution, which includes a survey of government IT professionals, hybrid IT will continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future.
Data & Storage
Data is an incredibly important asset. Unfortunately, too many agencies continue to treat data as an easily replaced commodity. But we’re not talking about a database administrator’s (DBA) iTunes library. We’re talking highly sensitive and important government data that can be too easily lost or compromised. It’s time to stop treating data as a commodity and create a secure and reliable data recovery plan by following a few core strategies.
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Technology advancements, aging infrastructure systems, and shifting populations are bringing more and more change to the infrastructure industry. It is important, and difficult, to find a balance among leveraging exciting new technologies, adhering to existing regulations, and keeping costs to a minimum to make the most of limited budgets. Keeping track of industry trends is essential in a rapidly changing field. Here’s a few you need to know about:
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The Rolling Stones once wrote a song about how time waits for no one, but the inverse is also true today. These days, no one waits for time; certainly not government personnel who depend on speedy networks to deliver mission-critical applications and data.
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For many federal agencies, the decision to deploy public or private clouds has come down to this: they’re going with both. They’re embracing hybrid clouds. It’s really no surprise given that federal IT is balancing the need for greater agility, flexibility, and innovation, with strict security control. Hybrid clouds provide the perfect alternative, because they allow agencies to become more nimble and efficient while still maintaining control.
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Most agencies aren’t interested in competing in the Amazing Race to the cloud, but there’s no doubt that the government is starting to embrace the cloud. Drivers include the cost savings and the increased agility that cloud computing can provide. However, this movement towards the cloud frequently leaves today’s IT professionals tasked with managing applications in a challenging environment: the hybrid data center.
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An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a network attack in which an unauthorized individual gains access to a network and then stays in the network, undetected, for a long period of time.[1] APTs use multiple phases to break into networks and avoid detection. During this period of time, the attacker will scan the network for confidential information.  There are usually five phases of an APT attack. The first is reconnaissance, in which the attacker leverages information to understand the target.