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The past five years have seen a rapid increase in the volume, variety and speed of public records data that is overwhelming outdated systems. Finding updated communications data management solutions to prevent audit and compliance issues has become a top priority for many government agencies, including within the state of Texas. 

With the formation of the California Digital Service, modernization, digitization, and transparency will continue to be priorities for state agencies. To improve all digital interactions between constituents and their governments and enable technologies like text messaging, social media, and other electronic communication, you need a plan to transform legacy systems and ensure compliance. 

Join industry experts from Smarsh and TD SYNNEX Public Sector for an executive roundtable with State & Local governments from California as we discuss key records requests, audit and compliance trends that are impacting the state, including:

  • How the increased usage of smartphones and social media has changed how  organizations approach open records requests and electronic records management
  • How Open Records Laws have changed and new challenges government agencies face to ensure compliance
  • The IT drivers in California pushing state agencies to update legacy records management solutions
  • How the adoption of “Cloud First” legislation affects California's state agencies

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