Solutions for every stage in your Compliant Database DevOps journey. Together, TD SYNNEX Public Sector and Redgate work together to make life easier for development, operations, and IT leaders by solving the database challenges in delivering software at speed.

Redgate helps teams balance the demand to deliver software fast with the need to protect and preserve business critical data.

Your business, teams, and databases benefit from fast delivery, low downtime, and strong collaboration, while minimizing any risks to your data.

Redgate Deploy – Automate Database Deployments

Automate database deployments across teams and technologies

Increase the frequency and reliability of deployments with Database DevOps.

  • Standardize deployments for SQL Server, Oracle, and 18 other databases
  • Increase frequency and reliability of database deployments
  • Flexible toolchain for easy adoption across teams
  • Catch errors and speed up development with Continuous Integration
  • Get oversight of every change to your databases

Redgate Deploy Resources

SQL Monitor – Monitor Performance and Availability

The world’s most popular tool for monitoring your SQL Server estate. Manage your entire SQL Server estate, with instant problem diagnosis, intelligent and customizable alerting. All from a single pane of glass.


Global Overview - View all your SQL Server instances, availability groups, clusters, and virtual machines on one central web-based interface, regardless of location or restrictions.

If anything needs attention, you can quickly drill down for detailed performance statistics.

  • Diagnosis - Quickly uncover root causes
  • Alerting - Know about issues first
  • Deployments - Unearth bad database deployments
  • Query impact - Find and fix slow queries
  • Hybrid Monitoring - Monitor any SQL Server platform in one place
  • Reporting - Share reports about your servers and company health

SQL Monitor Resources

  1. Online Demo
  2. Case Studies
  3. Whitepapers

SQL Toolbelt Essentials – Standardize Team-Based Development

The industry-standard tools for SQL Server development & deployment.

  • Double your productivity with industry-standard tools
  • Protect your data with backups and monitoring
  • Include SQL Server databases in agile processes

Redgate's SQL Toolbelt contains 13 industry-standard products for SQL Server development, backup, and monitoring. Together, they make you productive, your team agile, and your data safe.

Thousands of SQL Server professionals rely on the SQL Toolbelt every day, because it's reliable, easy to use, and plugs in to tools they already use for application development.

SQL Toolbelt Resources

  1. Case Studies

SQL Provision – Protect and Preserve Data

Accelerate the delivery of database environments for DevOps teams

  • Speed - Refresh development, test, and CI environments in seconds
  • Risk - Mask data subject to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations
  • Space - Shrink TB-sized databases to tens of MBs
  • Quality - Catch issues early and improve release success
  • Control - Manage database provisioning from a single UI

SQL Provision combines SQL Clone and Data Masker for SQL Server to enable software teams to deliver database environments at the speed required by modern development practices, while ensuring the security of sensitive data subject to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations.

SQL Provision Resources

  1. Whitepapers

Compliant Database DevOps for U.S. Federal Government - Keep your business critical or sensitive data protected, and stay compliant, without slowing down development.

Discover Redgate's complete Compliant Database DevOps solution:

Standardize team-based development - Deliver database changes faster, free up time for your development team, and make it simple for teams to collaborate.

If you’re under pressure to deliver software, it’s easy for the database to become a frustrating bottleneck. Redgate offers the industry standard software to help your teams develop databases.

Developers can write SQL faster, share work with database version control, and test changes with real data in their own environments, so you save time, avoid rework, and deliver features and fixes fast.

Automate database deployments - Speed up software delivery with repeatable processes that stop your database being the bottleneck.

Software is at the heart of how your business responds to customer needs. Your database should not stand in the way.

But too often, database changes slow things down. They add risk and uncertainty, or make it hard for teams to work together and deliver value.

  • Release cycles reduced from months to days
  • End-to-end database development tools from a single vendor
  • Deployment process shortened from a full day to 10 minutes
  • Cut post-deployment errors by 30%

Redgate gives you an end-to-end solution for database continuous integration and continuous delivery. You can work on your database with the same tools as for application code and keep development for both in sync. How our customers have benefited:

Monitor performance and availability - Database monitoring has never been more vital for detecting and resolving performance problems before they impact your end users.

As estates grow in size and complexity, monitoring for performance, security, and deployment issues becomes increasingly difficult.

Without the right processes or tooling in place, your operations teams are blind to your estate's performance and exposed to the risk of unnecessary downtime and compliance breaches.

With proactive estate monitoring and accurate reporting, your DBA and development teams can detect, diagnose, and resolve performance problems before they impact your operations or customers.

By being on top of the health and status of your estate, whether on-premises or in the cloud, you ensure minimal downtime and efficient disaster recovery. Processes can also be optimized by identifying common causes of operational and performance issues, including deployments.

Protect and preserve data - Keep sensitive data safe and stay compliant, without slowing development down.

As data protection laws tighten and the risk of data breaches grows, so does scrutiny of how data is stored and used. You need to strike a balance between data compliance and business demands for speed and agility.

Redgate provides the tools to keep software development running smoothly and securely. You can keep data safe with catalogs, masking, and monitoring, and keep pace with development using secure environments that can be set up with a couple of clicks.

Advantages of protecting and preserving data:M/p>

  • Know where your data lives and its level of sensitivity
  • Be the first to hear if your data is at risk
  • Minimize your exposure to a data breach
  • Set up new environments fast without the risk of data breaches
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