Build better websites

Solodev is a DCX platform. Start a free account and create beautiful web pages in minutes with easy-to-use templates and LunarXP theme. Manage content without code, preview with your team, and publish your brand.

Create amazing customer experiences

Build data-driven experiences with powerful insights. Write content that matters, craft landing pages, conduct A/B tests, integrate with digital marketing, and optimize with analytics to consistently improve your customer experience.

Collaborate with your entire team

Get everyone on the same webpage. Use tutorials to create sitemaps and wireframes. Invite users, permission them into groups, ensure everyone works on what they need to do, and iterate with simple web building tools.

Host and scale with AWS

Futureproof in the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure and elevate security, scalability and performance with Solodev – built exclusively for AWS. Upgrade to Solodev Enterprise for advanced control and redundancy.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
TIPS 210101 State Texas