DLT’s value-added services seen as best fit to provide Ubiq digital security solutions to federal, state, and local government.

HERNDON, VA (August 21, 2019) – DLT Solutions, a government solutions aggregator, has partnered with Ubiq to distribute its digital data security solutions to the public sector. By leveraging DLT’s public sector expertise and partner network, government agencies can now procure Ubiq solutions to secure any type of data, on any device, across any environment, without impacting performance or user experience.

"The public sector will always be a primary target for cyber-attacks, and as mission reliance on digital data increases, the attack surface and related impact increases. This is further exacerbated by the adoption of progressive technologies and the breakneck speed at which the volume of digital data is growing. Working with DLT allows us to provide government agencies and their suppliers the means to transparently secure critical data, exponentially mitigating mission risk." said Wias Issa, CEO of Ubiq.

Ubiq’s 100% lightweight and scalable software solution enables the public sector to reduce the impact of data theft, while adhering to strict compliance requirements. Ubiq’s multi-patented asynchronous multithreading techniques significantly increase data transmission efficiency, reduce resource overhead, and nearly eliminates latency associated with traditional data security solutions.

“Ubiq delivers a dynamic combination of simplicity, speed, and security to our government customers," said DLT Vice President of Sales, Chris Wilkinson. "By leveraging DLT’s partner relationships and contract portfolio, public sector agencies can now access Ubiq solutions to enhance the security of their data."

Organizations can procure Ubiq solutions through DLT on the SEWP V, GSA, and CIO-CS contracts. To learn more about Ubiq, visit https://www.dlt.com/government-products/ubiq