BIM for Govies

With tight budgets and fast-changing policies – such as sustainability and green building mandates – Building Information Modeling lets agencies quickly evaluate and better predict design alternatives early in the design process. At this point, changes are less expensive to make saving time and money, minimizing on-site waste, and improving the on-time delivery and value of government projects.

BIM for Govies addresses many questions that government agencies have about BIM technologies and processes. It explains the basics of BIM, its uses, benefits and includes real life examples of successful public sector BIM implementations which your agency can draw on as you transition to BIM.

In this eBook, we’ll answer these questions and many more. Read on to:

  • Understand the Basics of BIM
  • Witness real-life examples of how the public sector is using BIM for building and infrastructure projects
  • Discover more about BIM technologies and standards
  • Get tips for assembling the right BIM team
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of realistic BIM implementation

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