This guide features conversations with high-ranking executives in government. In these conversations, the executives discuss lessons learned in management, workforce, and technology. They provide insights on translating policy into management goals, creating an inclusive work environment, and adapting to evolving technology. Additionally, the guide addresses the issue of diversity in executive leadership positions in government.

Read what John Allison, Director,Public Sector at Checkmarx said regarding what Government needs to securing software - here's a summary:

- Federal agencies face the challenge of rapidly developing new software to meet mission needs and rising expectations while ensuring system security.
- The use of cloud-native platforms, like Checkmarx One, allows agencies to conduct application security testing throughout the development process, identifying vulnerabilities in real-time and enabling timely remediation.
- Agencies can also mandate application security requirements for contractors, incentivizing them to reduce security issues before delivering applications to the government, ultimately enhancing overall system security and reducing post-delivery complications and costs.

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