Agencies serving the public-sector have a great responsibility and are held to very high expectations. The pandemic has raised much awareness around this topic and the critical need for an improved workflow between government and citizens, as well as within government itself.

*80% of the largest 100 U.S. law firms have experienced some level of digital intrusion, with government contracts and international business being targeted most often.

In an industry where cyberattacks are common, the move to a legal cloud-based Document Management System (DMS) can significantly reduce the risk of both external, and internal security threats. A legal DMS provider that is also FedRAMP authorized has met rigorous compliance and security standards for properly protecting federal data in the cloud at a high level.

In this whitepaper, discover more about the path ahead for government agencies to operate seamlessly during these uncertain times, and beyond. In addition, see insightful industry stats and perspectives to gain a better understanding of the ever-growing importance of a reliable DMS to help fulfill their mission to ‘We the People.’

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