With the rapid adoption of cloud computing, new security challenges have emerged for all enterprises. We surveyed and interviewed leading security professionals to investigate how they assess and confront these challenges, including rapidly changing technology and business models, ambiguity between cloud providers and purchasers of cloud services about shared responsibilities for security, and the need to manage threats in the cloud that are intertwined with on-premise and hybrid environments.

A strong majority of our research subjects believe that a unified investigation framework that includes both cloud and on-premise environments would improve their processes and outcomes by providing a single integrated solution for threat investigation. Such frameworks exist, but their overall utility is limited by several perceived shortcomings, most notably a lack of interoperability with security tools that impedes automation.

The MITRE ATT&CK® framework is the most widely adopted at present; many enterprises are moving toward more widespread adoption as this framework improves its integration and automation capabilities. Further improvement in these areas would facilitate firms more confidently leveraging the efficiencies gained from cloud computing.

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