With Nuix eDiscovery technology, you can quickly and comprehensively answer the fundamental questions of any matter: Is the claim true, what is your risk exposure, do you want to pursue it, and what case strategy will you take.

Our desktop and web applications give you the flexibility to work the way that suits you. You can:

  • Automate workflows with Nuix Director, conduct collaborative reviews with Nuix Web Review & Analytics, or get your hands dirty with the powerful eDiscovery Workbench— all working from the same Nuix case file
  • Use Nuix throughout the discovery process or combine it with your choice of other technologies as a best-of-breed workflow
  • Divide case files into multiple sub-cases, or create large compound cases to handle evidence most efficiently for the size and requirements of the case
  • Easily hand over work from corporate customers to litigation support vendors by sharing a Nuix case file
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