Data Sheet

Nuix Lab Solutions for Digital Investigations

Complex cases often involve multiple linked suspects, which means multiple linked devices and large volumes of data. This requires distributing the workload amongst many people within an agency. Crimes can span local, state, and even national boundaries. In such cases, agencies must share information and find ways to collaborate across and break down intelligence, and evidence silos.

Every law enforcement, national security, government and regulatory body has different needs, and handles different kinds of cases. However, they all need faster results from their digital investigation technology so they can beat case backlogs, stay ahead of growing data volumes, and prevent more crimes.

Nuix enables digital forensic labs of all sizes to work more effectively and efficiently. Our software is battle tested for resolving complex digital and cybersecurity crime by some of the largest agencies in the world.

With Nuix, law enforcement and government agencies can:

  • Make more efficient use of existing resources and hardware to save time and money
  • Apply intelligence to prioritize, review evidence, and resolve cases faster to get through backlogs
  • Easily investigate complex cases involving multiple linked suspects and devices
  • Collaborate across departments and locations, nationally and internationally
  • Scale your processes and capabilities to meet current and future "big data" investigation challenges
  • Find connections between seemingly disparate investigations to identify common artifacts, intelligence items, and other links over time