Digital forensic investigators are dealing with ever growing numbers of evidence sources with greater data volumes and in an increasing variety of formats. The traditional linear approach of imaging and analyzing each device separately and manually piecing together the results leads to cost blowouts and case backlogs. An emerging solution to this challenge is to analyze all evidence sources within a single application.

However, no single application can handle the variety and complexity of analysis that some cases require. Many investigators have their preferred specialist tools to handle specific evidence types such as mobile devices, voice recordings, or large numbers of images

This paper will explain how you can build an investigative lab around Nuix software and integrate our technology with third-party tools into an efficient workflow. Nuix software and the investigative lab methodology make it possible for you to parcel out evidence to specialist analysts or reviewers, then bring everything back together to analyze, cross-reference, and report on. This scalable, collaborative approach to investigation ensures you make the most efficient use of scarce resources and goes a long way toward reducing costs and backlogs.

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