Technically News - 2/14

This week in Technically News: NIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework; Who Bears Blame for Data-Center Consolidation Setbacks?; Cybersecurity Trends for 2014; The Outlook for Government IT Spending in 2014; DLT Solutions Offers Amazon Cloud Services to Texas Schools, Public Sector

Addressing Sensitive Data Requirements & Security Regulations with AWS GovCloud

Earlier this summer, the DLT Cloud Advisory Group surveyed our public sector customers to find out where they stood in their adoption of cloud technology. It was no surprise that information security and data privacy continued to top the list as key obstacles holding them back from their migrations. Traditional IT models allowed CIOs and managers to physically see where their data was being stored; moving to the cloud has raised questions about who controls what, especially in terms of data protection.

Technically News – 7/15

In this week's Technically News: Five Critical Cyber Questions for the Next DHS Chief; Why a Hacker Conference’s Fed Ban is Bad News for U.S. Cybersecurity; What Economists Can Teach Us About Cloud Computing; Man Behind the Cybersecurity Framework; AWS Cloud Security Compliance Beats On-Premises.

Technically News - 6/24

This week in Technically News: Civic Hackers (the good kind) Help Local Governments; Agencies Hot for Big Data, But Plans, Resources Are Lacking; NIST, DHS Push Security Automation to the Next Stage; Amazon’s Invasion of the CIA is a Seismic Shift in Cloud Computing; Google & Red Hat Collaborate on App Engine in Private Clouds; DLT Solutions & Oracle to Save Navy $60 Million

Technically News - 5/27

In this week's Technically News: 5 Reasons the Government Needs to be More Like the Tech Industry; Lawmakers: What’s Still Missing in Data Center Consolidation; 5 Keys to Getting Big Data Under Control; Oracle: 4 Reasons Why Information Silos are Hindering Cloud Advantages; Amazon Web Services Gains FedRAMP Compliance for GovCloud; CloudCheckr Monitors Amazon GovCloud.