6 Steps to Giving Data Backup the Respect It Deserves

Data is an incredibly important asset. Unfortunately, too many agencies continue to treat data as an easily replaced commodity.

But we’re not talking about a database administrator’s (DBA) iTunes library. We’re talking highly sensitive and important government data that can be too easily lost or compromised.

It’s time to stop treating data as a commodity and create a secure and reliable data recovery plan by following a few core strategies.

What’s this Data Masking All about Anyway?

So you’ve got all sorts of endpoint controls and continuous monitoring solutions in place across your agency’s IT environment. Great! Sounds like you’ve got a good security posture going on.

But is your data actually as secure as you think it is? Unfortunately, not.

If there’s one thing that cyberattacks on government systems have taught us in the past few years is that the biggest threat doesn’t come from rogue hackers or nations, it comes from within.

How Can you Help your Agency Restore Faith in its Data?

The U.S. government has spent years accumulating data sets – ranging from tax records, satellite imagery, census data, and more (up to 2.63 petabytes in the federal government alone).

Unlocking the potential of that data is a huge priority for many agencies, and gives the opportunity to discover hidden insights and improve mission effectiveness. Whether that means spotting fraud, improving regulatory oversight, optimizing business travel, or providing more effective citizen services.

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STaaS – Handling the Data Deluge

We’ve been supporting the public sector for over 20 years, so we have a pretty solid understanding of the current financial and technical constraints within federal agencies. In order to alleviate the challenges associated with the disparity between the surge in data and the shrinking of budgets, we have introduced the DLT Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering.