Why the Speed of Your Storage Still Matters

With more and more software and services being offloaded to the cloud and the surge in big government data, the speed of your storage still matters – very much.

Think about it, all agencies needs the ability to not only handle the input and output of data across internal and external operations; they must also be able to make use of it. From detecting improper healthcare payments before they occur or developing predictive models about disease outbreaks or weather events – if your agency is in the business of moving large amounts of data around, then you need to be able to ensure that the data can be accessed with minimal wait times.

One way to make this happen is with flash storage.

Flash storage offers a ton of benefits:

  • In the past big data analytics used to take days, with flash storage it can be done in hours.
  • Faster performing apps can be deployed and transactions can be processed at lightning speed.
  • Physical space is also minimized. According to NetApp, organizations that deploy flash experience a 95% reduction in space, power and cooling.

Check out this infographic from NetApp that, although oriented towards the business community, paints an interesting picture of what can be achieved with flash storage for storage delivery and application performance.

If you’re interested, NetApp also offers a free eBook for download: Flash Storage for Dummies.