Technically News - 4/4

This week in Technically News: Can Government’s Cyber Defense Withstand a Market-Driven Offense; 6 Tech Trends Shaping the Government’s Future; DoD Cloud Spending Surge Ahead; State and Local Government Cybersecurity; Save Money, Change Fonts.

Technically News - 2/3

This week in Technically News: Federal Contractors Should Implement Cybersecurity in Operations & Products, Says DoD & GSA; 20 Cloud Computing Statistics Every CIO Should Know; One Way Lawmakers Are Trying to Prevent Government IT Disasters; Internet of Things Adds to Cybersecurity Challenge; FedRAMP Deadline Looms For Agencies, Cloud Providers

Breaking Down Information Silos Across the DoD

Today’s warfighter needs and expects the latest information in order to complete their mission. But providing real-time access across the DoD Information Enterprise, particularly in tactical environments, has been a challenge. Find out how Google Search Appliance offers the DoD a way to break down information sharing barriers and give warfighters real-time access to the information they need to make confident decisions.

Technically News – 8/19

This week in Technically News: 9 Strategies for Increasing Collaboration and Reducing Waste in Government; Managing the Mixed Cloud: Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud; Federal IT Priorities: Vision v. Reality; Ten Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense.

Open Source in the DoD

Normally this space is reserved for technical talk, but I was recently fortunate enough to attend Mil-OSS and wanted to take a moment to talk about the group. First off, Mil-OSS is a working group, not a conference. There are presentations and talks, but this is a group of people coming together to work toward a common goal: increasing the adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) inside the Department of Defense. It runs the gamut of interested parties: end users who are deploying OSS solutions in the field to members of the defense technology industry to prominent OSS project members. The group has one overriding tenant: through the adoption of open source software and methods, the DoD can accomplish its primary mission while increasing capability and agility.