Technically News – 8/19

August 19, 2013

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9 Strategies for Increasing Collaboration and Reducing Waste in Government

Government IT doesn’t live in a vacuum. It still plays victim to the politics of politics along with every other program. Arguably as important the technology itself, government cooperation is key to successful implementation, not only among people, but agencies and departments, too. Gov Exec has an article outlining enterprise strategies to increase cooperation in the Federal space.

Managing the Mixed Cloud: Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud

How does Red Hat, an open source software giant, continue innovating in the cloud? They build the “Open Hybrid Cloud” on top of their Linux-based RHEL software. Tech Republic has interviewed Bryan Che, general manager of the Red Hat Cloud Business Unit, in search of answers to questions including “What problems are Red Hat trying to solve?” and “Why build open hybrid cloud solutions?” Read it here.

Federal IT Priorities: Vision v. Reality

An Information Week survey found that 27% of government respondents believe that “the biggest barrier to effectively executing IT projects at their organizations” is conflicting or poorly defined requirements. In an era of constant IT proposals, guidelines, and speeches, many people are concerned that agencies are spending too much time on vision and not enough on reality. Read more on the debate here.

Ten Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense

Forbes published an article that summarized the key DoD IT Modernization initiatives Teri Takai, CIO of the DoD, recently published. Among the needs Takai talked about are greater collaboration, lower costs, and A&D requirements turning into a catalyst for greater cloud security. Read the article here.