Technically News - 4/4

April 4, 2014

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Can Government’s Cyber Defense Withstand a Market-Driven Offense

Hacking the US government has become big business, one whose profits are large enough to encourage not only amateurs but whole organizations and even governments to get involved. We know how successful a free market is in innovating and growing. GCN explores the aspects of this new marketplace and what it means for our security.

6 Tech Trends Shaping the Government’s Future

Another month, another article about trends and predictions involving the cloud and mobile devices. However, the Federal Times does offer one unique trend that we haven’t talked about: cognitive computing. How will machine learning impact the government? You’ll have to read this article.

DoD Cloud Spending Surge Ahead

With the Department of Defense (DoD) giving Amazon Web Services (AWS) security approval to provide the cloud to their agencies, is the DoD on the verge of a cloud boom? The Federal Times thinks so when you consider their internal MilCloud. The question they pose is, “At what cost?

State and Local Government Cybersecurity

Earlier in the week, Michael Daniel, the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, brought us his remarks on the state of state and local government cybersecurity based on a recent event they hosted. Among them was the need for sharing information across borders and an emphasis on critical infrastructure. Read the rest at the White House blog.

Save Money, Change Fonts

Finally, we bring you a unique proposal from a 14-year-old that could save the government $370 million dollars. Suvir Mirchandani proposes that by switching the official typeface used by federal and state governments they would save the amount in ink costs. It’s beneficial to care about design! Read the story at Mashable.