FedRAMP Serves up a New User Experience

FedRAMP (The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) is changing. By the end of 2015, FedRAMP, aka the FISMA for the cloud, is anticipated to add high-impact cloud systems (it currently only authorizes low- and moderate-impact levels).

While only 12% of all federal systems are labeled as high impact (mostly DoD and DHS), as more agencies move to use cloud services, the need for a high-impact baseline standard is growing.

The Need for Clarity about FedRAMP Processes

The 4 Biggest Government Cybersecurity Threats of 2014 (and How to Stop Them)

While we’ve been busy fretting about Ebola and the Islamic State, in 2014 cybersecurity trumped terrorism as the number one threat to the U.S.

Despite investing billions in cybersecurity, federal, state and local agencies are struggling to keep pace with ever-evolving threats.

Let’s take a look at the biggest cybersecurity threats of 2014 (so far) and steps the federal as well as state and local government can take to stop them.

The Government Workforce

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